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Winding Wire Made of Copper or Aluminium, Harmonised Tariff item 85441110 often call Magnet Wires, Super Enamelled Wire, Enamelled Wire, Enameled Wire, Armature Wire, manufactured in accordance to NEMA 1000, IEC 60317, or IS 13730 find their application in coil winding in Rotating machinery, Transformer, Automobile Electricals, Luminaries, Televisions, Refrigerators, Air conditioners, Hand Tools, and other Domestic and Industrial Electrical Appliances, and Electronic components used in the Electric and Electronic Industry.

Bharat Insulation Company (India) Limited (BIC) was incorporated in 1956 with an earnest mission to manufacture and delver quality products with fair business practices for the elation of its customers in the Electric and Electronic Industry.

  • BMP from 25/10/14 to 28/10/14 is Rs.478.74/kg. LME avg is $6736.17. TT avg is Rs.61.64. P/L increased by Rs.7.70/kg. Rate of 19 swg polyester as per revised P/L is Rs.647.15/kg.
  • BMP from 29/10/14 to 31/10/14 is Rs.485.79/kg. LME avg is $6830.00. TT avg is Rs.61.72. P/L increased by Rs. 8.80/kg. as per BMP and basic rates have been restructured due to change in Fabrication Charges. Please refer our PDF file of our Price List. Due to some technical problem our Price List shown in Current Price List has not been revised. WE THEREFORE REQUEST YOU TO REFER OUR PDF FILE ONLY FOR CURRENT PRICE LIST.