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Enamelled Round Copper Winding Wires

BICIL today manufactures a wide range of Enamelled Round Winding Wires for use in electrical machines such as motors, generators, transformers, house hold appliances, auto-electricals, electrical hand tools, refrigeration (hermetic) motors, fans, switchgears, coils and relays, ballasts and etc.

Enamelled / Fibre Glass Covered Copper Winding Wires

Tin Can Welding Copper Wire

Enamelled / Fibre Glass Covered Aluminium Winding Wires

Winding Wires For Submersible Pump Motors

BIC thin walled specialty winding wires for submersible pump motors have multi layers of Insulation film which makes them impervious to water and have excellent insulation properties.

The conductor is manufactured from treated electrolytic copper with 99.99% purity ensuring low electrical losses. BIC wires are soft and are easy to wind new motors or repair old motors, particularly since they are thin walled. BIC winding wires for submersible pump motors are manufactured to adhere to IS 8783 (Part 4/ Sec 3) and have excellent Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical and Thermal properties.

Enamelled Rectangular Copper Winding Wire